Garjia Temple Garjia Temple
From Resort by road 3 Km Trekking 1.5 Km
Dedicated to Garjia Devi, the temple is located at the banks of the river Kosi. It lies en route to Ranikhet and is about 14 kms away from the Ramnagar city. A very large fair is held every year on the occasion of Kartik Poornima which is very famous in the region.
Dhangarhi Museum Dhangarhi Museum
From Resort 9 Km by road.
Dhangarhi Museum is best place to visit in Corbett is situated at Dhangarhi. This museum has glass boxes containing head of tigers and elephants, killed in fight long back. You can also see there the belonging and life history of Mr. Jim Corbett.
Corbett Falls near Kaladungi Corbett Falls near Kaladungi
From Resort by road 40 Km.
35 kms, far from the famous Corbett National Park, Kaladhungi has been an inseparable part of the endless tiger stories of Kumaon focussing around the legendary hunter Jim Corbett National Park corbett.
Corbett Museum, Kaladungi Corbett Museum, Kaladungi
From Resort by road 38 Km
Corbett museum is placed at Kaladhungi town 26km. far from main Ramnagar city toward Nainital. This is one of the famous place to visit during the Corbett National Park Tour. Corbett Museum is in a heritage bungalow of Mr. Jim Corbett.
Virgin Falls of Chunakhan Virgin Falls of Chunakhan
From Resort by road 32 Km
This beautiful fall is placed at 32 Km from our resorts. This water fall is small sight but brilliant. It’s height approximately 68 feet and it is in backdrop of the scenic greenish forest. You can take a nature bath in the fall.
Corbett Facility

Corbett Facility
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